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Deco Experience

Explore Mexico City through our insight tours, we have one for each interest.

Contemporary Art Tour


Private tours to explore art galleries with an art advisor in Colonia Roma. In this area you can find several renowned galleries of Mexico City, many of which represent national and international artists. In this tour you can discover the history of the galleries and their artists.

It is a walking tour, with a length of two hours and a half. You will visit three or more of these galleries: OMR, Licenciado, Proyectos Monclova, GE Gallery, Terreno Baldío, Vértigo Galerlia, Arroniz, and MAIA.

Jumex Museum


Through the Jumex Museum team, you’ll explore temporary exhibitions within this sophisticated contemporary art museum. The tour lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on your

interests. This tour is designed for groups of minimum two people and it’s available from Tuesday to Sunday.

Murals in the historic center


Discover in this spectacular tour segments of the history of Mexico in the different murals that are in the center of the city. The tour starts at the Secretary of Education (Monday to Friday), where you can appreciate more than 100 murals by distinguished artists such as Diego Rivera and Siqueiros. Afterwards, we will visit different spaces in Madero and Regina streets to observe contemporary murals that reveal the most current history of Mexico.

This tour is led by MasterPeace Mexico, a foundation dedicated to the promotion of a culture of peace through art, music and creativity. This tour is one of the actions that contribute to the prevention of violence and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Teotihuacán Tour


The archaeological city of Teotihuacán is one of the largest in Mesoamerica, and its just 78km from Mexico City. The space that is open to the public is of 264 hectares. Within this extraordinary complex is located Pyramid of the Sun, with a height of 63 meters, and the Pyramid of the Moon 45 meters high.

The other side of history


In this tour, you will visit one of the great historical spaces in Mexico City. Tlatelolco in a place that has archaeological vestiges and a long tradition of episodes within the history of Mexico, like the student movement in 1968 and the confrontation that rised in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco.

This tour is led by Master Peace Mexico, a foundation dedicated to the promotion of a culture of peace through art, music and creativity. This tour is one of the actions that contribute to the prevention of violence and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

Mezcal Tasting


Deco Housing organizes private Mezcal tastings right in our suites, here you can try five different kinds of Mezcal and understand their unique procedure.  The tasting is accompanied with small Mexican traditional dishes like guacamole and insects.

Wine tasting


Deco Housing offers incredible wine tastings of Mexican wines in one of our suites. Here you can try three different kinds of wine produced in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico and understand the history of our grapes.

Electric Bike Tour


Enjoy of this four-hour tour around the city. You will go around different neighbourhoods of the city like Polanco, Roma, Condesa and the Historic Centre.  During your trip, you will discover the amazing history of the City, their main avenues, and the fantastic architecture.

Merced Adventure


Discover secrets unknown even for most locals. Forgotten art pieces and Neighborhoods.

  • Explore surreal markets with sorcery, medicinal plants and mystic traditions. Not to mention the exquisite flavors you ll try!
  • Eat Mole, pre- hispanic snacks, tacos, pulque and more.

Includes all food + drinks + metro

Everyday 11:00 AM

Hidden Neighborhoods


Explore less known areas of the city, unknown even for most locals

  • Walk by important modern monuments and magnificent historic old houses while appreciating urban artistic expressions and architectonic currents that inhabit our city.
  • You ll vist santa maria la ribera, san rafael, guerrero, tabacalera and more neighborhoods.

Includes all food+ drinks+ metro

Everyday 11:00 am

Street Taco Episode

After Years of research, we ve singled out the best Taquerias in Mexico city to be Savored by you!

  • Try pastor, suadero, volcan, quesadillas and more delights of the taco world, while drinking a Michelada or a Fresh Juice.
  • Eat as much food as you want, or as much as your stomach can handle.

Includes all food + drinks

Everyday 20:00

Street Foodie Journey


You are in Mexico for the food, we know!

  • We ve designed the perfect rout for you to discover the diversity of the street and the gourmet Mexican Food
  • Try Market eateries (La merced and San Juan), The Best Selection of tamales, tacos, cochinita, creative spycy salsas, sea food and more!

Includes all food + 2 Drinks +  metro

Everyday 12:30 Pm

Cantina Cruise


We ve chosen the most representative and historic “Cantinas” ( Traditional Bars) For You!

  • Spend a Traditional afternoon like the mexicans from the good all days while you taste traditional Food, Drinks and Appreciate our history and Culture.

Includes Food and Drinks

Everyday 17:00

Lucha Libre and Night Life


Nothing more Exciting than a Classic Wrestling Match and a Night Full of Folkloric Music

  • Experience the passion of the arena and see how locals live this traditional spectacle.
  • End the night going into a classic saloon, grab drinks and listen to traditional music in a fascinating urban scenario.

Includes entrance + drinks.

Sunday 17:00 pm, Tuesday 19:30, Friday 20:30

Precio Deco: 75 USD